Skyway Marketing is a full service marketing, public relations firm that provides companies advertising and marketing solutions that connect your message to your target audience. We provide Innovative, creative solutions and are dedicated to developing your business with an unmatched level of experience. We are here to get at the heart of your brand and to express it with a consistant voice through a variety of carefully targeted channels and media. All these venue will worki in concert toward a desired end.

Enough about me….

Who are You and Who is your target market?

  The elusive over the road driver that spends 70% of his or her time delivering freight?

  The near impossible to connect with trucking company executive who is busy finding solutions to driver recruiting demands?  

  The logistics company owner that is busy answering the phone hoping that it is a truck to move this last load of the day.

Skyway Marketing can effectively and creatively move your message to your target market.